Thursday, January 17, 2008

JPEPA in the bag

While surfing for JPEPA (Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement) updates, I came across the blog of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. Entries are almost certainly written by her staff, but presumably with her imprimatur. Would it be premature to say that JPEPA is in the bag?

Opponents continue to trot out tired arguments. These are the same prophets of doom, who predicted economic disaster after trade liberalization started in 1986, after the 1994 WTO agreement, after the AFTA-CEPT, after the APEC, etc. Their record of success: exactly zero.

Listening to them, it would seem that the Philippines would be neck deep in hazardous waste after the JPEPA is ratified. Given their prophetic accuracy, excuse me if I ho-hum.

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gregg_iii said...

The petitioners-both private citizens and members of the House of Representatives have failed to present a sufficient showing of need to overcome the claim of privilege in this case. I appreciate their effort for the protection of all of us but what can we do now that the Supreme Court upheld the “executive privilege” invoked by the government in refusing to accede to a request by several lawmakers, and partylist and militant groups for a full disclosure of its negotiations with Japan involving the controversial trade agreement? Will there be no more transparency even in the future? Maybe those of you who knew better take a look at the possitive side of the JPEPA and advise everyone how ordinary Filipinos can take more advantage of this, to balance the risk of our future...

What else can we do?

Ignacio Duran Gregorio III