Sunday, November 18, 2007

The bankruptcy of the "alternative development" paradigm: an outline

I've always wanted to write a definitive essay refuting the "alternative" development paradigm adopted by leftwing intellectuals and pseudo-economists. But I seldom write long essays for fun, mainly because they aren't. And this kind of paper cannot possibly have an original bone in its body. So I haven't gone beyond the outlining stage, as follows:

  • Thesis

The axis of evil: fascism, feudalism, capitalism. Global capitalism as imperialism. The faces of domestic oligarchy. Alternatives: protection, nationalization, expropriation, industrialization.

  • Antithesis

The critical dichotomy: exchange relations and property relations. Booty capitalism and transformative capitalism. Pitfalls of the alternative strategy.

  • Synthesis

Transformative capitalism. Equity as a necessity. Conclusion: the grave irony.

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