Sunday, January 14, 2007

University of the philistines

The raging issue in my alma mater is the increase in tuition fees. Long held at 300 pesos per unit (a little over US$ 6), in real terms this is now a little less than a third of its value when it was first set years ago. The proposal therefore is to raise it to about P1,000 (in the largest campuses) and thereby recover lost value. (Please check out this page and links to learn more about this issue.)

Of course, I should not expect the buyers (students) to take this lightly. It is an opportunity to rehash tired old bromides as the following:

Mr. Alfonso, has been quoted as saying that it is wrong to use students as a “source of income” for the university. “They tell us that it’s not the government’s role to subsidize tertiary education, but we believe otherwise.” (PDI, 24 November). During the congress of student councils held in Davao, which I personally attended, Mr. Alfonso declared that the difference between the students’ position and that of the UP administration was “philosophical.” In other words, their position is that tertiary education should be entirely subsidized.

Me too! It is my position that economists be entirely subsidized. Heck, it is my position that people who blog should be subsidized, as well as people with a fondness for Booksale pocketbooks. Furthermore, I demand as my unique inborn right to be subsidized because I am, er, in my mid-thirties. Yes, I demand to be subsidized because I take the MRT and I don't have a pet! That's my philosophy. Now if I can just round up a posse to lynch opponents of my sacred subsidies, I would demonstrate the depth of the values inculcated into me by my alma mater. So let us sing our school song:

UP naming mura, pamantasang hirap.
Ang bariya namin,
Sana'y iyong tiisin.
Malayong lupain,
Hasikan man ng lagim
'Di rin magbagago ang palamunin (2x)

Luntian at pula
Sakim kami kailanman
Ipagdiwang natin
Bulwagan ng hangal.
Humayo't ipagkait
Ginto at katapatan
Mabuhay ang pagpapakasasa sa pondo ng bayan (2x)


Anonymous said...

okay sa bagong kanta a. sangayon po ba kayo sa increase? dapat P2000 increase, di po ba?

Econblogger said...

Sang-ayon po ako sa 1,000 na tuition fee. Hindi ko po nasusuri kung ang 2,000 ay nararapat.