Saturday, December 24, 2005

One Hundred

To all my readers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This is my 100th post, on a blog rated as Multicellular Microorganism by TLB. Well, at least I'm Google PR 4 - for now. But I promise to keep on blogging, as long as my readership > 1, because I get to vent. And exercise my skills in writing for the nonspecialist. And change the planet for the better. And achieve global peace and prosperity. On top of that, getting the friggin' government out of the marketplace! (Santa, are you reading this?)

I've done my best to limit the weblog strictly to economics, and not turn it into a soapbox for each and every opinion of mine under the sun. This ain't easy to do, especially in the Philippines where the twists and turns of the political landscape are highly distracting. Aside from that restriction, I've been fairly wide-ranging in my interests. (But none of that arcane developed country macro and finance stuff. It bores me to tears.)

A few readers have informed me that my posts are in reasonably readable language. Whew, at least I'm doing something right, I think. I hope you've found my posts pleasantly amusing. Weblogs are another form of info-tainment in our recreation-obsessed world.

Speaking of recreation, I'm off traveling again, so light posting up to the New Year. Hey, before I leave the Old Year behind, I owed some of you a link to the papers from the SEARCA conference I reported on earlier.

Mabuhay kayong lahat!


Amadeo said...

Season's Greetings.

May the new year bring more success and more elucidating posts.

Anonymous said...

How about getting an RSS feed I can subscribe to?

Econblogger said...


Thanks! Same to you, ignatianperspective!


My site feed url is

This can be subscribed to using the usual software (e.g. newscrawler).

Actually I prefer economics roundtable ( for a simple indexing of my favorite economic blogs.