Saturday, July 30, 2005

Eagle Watch

Plugging = Eagle Watch, an Economic and Political Briefing, by the Ateneo Center for Research and Development, Political Science Department, To be held this coming Wednesday August 3, at Ateneo Rockwell. Speakers include as usual Cielito F. Habito, Professor of Economics and former Socioeconomic Planning Secretary; and I believe Jose Magadia, S.J., of the Political Science Department.

Attendance is not free. (If it were, the quality of the briefing would be suspect). The cost is 2,500 pesos. However if you're a member of the media, or represent a signficant business entity, then it is worth every penny. The Eagle Watch is standard front-page material in most major dailies.

One of the highlights is results from the Ateneo Macroeconomic Forecasting Model, or AMFM. Curently at the helm of the modeling is ehem yours truly, taking over the chores from its chief architect, U-Primo Rodriguez of UP Los Banos. I had the privelege of being part of its conceptualization, though I would move on to other things for a while. I am not yet back in Ateneo, though I have been hired on a consultancy basis.

At the Eagle Watch you will hear our forecasts for economic growth, unemployment, and inflation rate, for 2005; and our analysis of the economic impacts of several policy-related scenarios.

In a later post I'll explain a bit more about the AMFM and my involvement in it. For now - see you at Rockwell!

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